Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Winder Day in London

Broke my record for museums.
9:30am: set off, passed by Pret for breakfast
9:48am: left Pret
10:15am: arrived the British Museum (by walk)
1:30pm: had lunch
2:00pm: resumed my journey
5:33pm: kicked off from the museum. no rest in the museum except the half an hour lunch.
5:40pm: Coco bubble tea shop
6:00pm: on the bus back to the hotel
6:20pm: left the hotel
6:30pm: had dinner at Barbican Centra
6:40pm: purchased a ticket for the concert from London Symphony Orchestra
7:00pm: concert

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Political Conversations

Coffee breaks during NuPhys...

Stefan: (speaking of his appreciation of iPhone) Ah, I am showing iPhone again...
Me: You better buy iPhones before Trump moves the manufacture back to the US....

Me: Where is Manchester?
Stefan: It's in the north of England, but in the central of the UK.
Me: ....when Scottland is still with the UK....

I am with politic minds these days....