Sunday, May 15, 2016

Make Filter Great Again

Conversations between my colleague Michael Mooney and me have become --

Me: Hey!
Me: you are not in your best office.
Me: nor the best meeting
Mooney: i'm in the best meeting
Mooney: making meetings best again
Me: Yes you can.
Mooney: yes *we* can, YTT.
Mooney: after this meeting we should talk
Mooney: about Big Plans
Me: yes!
Me: building a wall?
Mooney: listen, we are going to build a wall, so high
Mooney: that calorimetric measurements will pay for it themselves.
Me: between signals and noise?
Mooney: exactly
Mooney: the noise is getting into our country
Mooney: its bringing drugs,
Mooney: molesting signals,
Mooney: and we are just not gonna do that anymore
Mooney: let me get for you some amazing FHICL file parameters
Me: terrific
Me: make filter great again

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