Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Story about Low Mass Higgs

五月中 D0 Collaboration Meeting 最後一天,日本人 Yuji 在 plenary session 報告 Low Mass Higgs Group 的進度。因為前一個報告的時間提早結束,Yuji 便說他要講這次他從法國飛來,在紐約甘迺迪機場 (JFK) 入境發生的故事。他為這件事準備了一張投影片,以下是從他的投影片抄來的:

Title: A story at airport (JFK, not O’hare)

Officer: Why you come to US?
Me: I’m researcher, working on particle physics....
Officer: ......
Me: It’s high energy experiment at Fermilab....
Officer: Low Mass HIGGS?
Me: Yes, yes, yes! That’s right! Why do you know my work?!
Officer: Ha Ha ha!

Officer wanted to know about Higgs!

Yuji 語畢哄堂大笑,我心想這海關官員其實是 CIA 吧?!當時 LHC 炒新聞好像還沒炒得這麼兇.....

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